Monday, September 27, 2010

Rivers Day 2010 In Bowen Park

Bowen Park on Sunday was the location of this years Rivers Day and the weather was much more cooperative than on Saturday.There were several information booths designed to educate young and old about the vital role watersheds and river systems play in the scheme of things.
The Fish and Game Club was a popular booth providing visitors with helpful information.
The Nanaimo River Hatchery display reminded visitors of the important role they have played over the years enhancing Salmon stocks in the Nanaimo River. Their efforts are responsible for over 3,000,000 Salmon of varied species being released into the rivers and oceans. Of approximately 2500 eggs spawned, perhaps 2 adult salmon will return to spawn after their hazard filled life in the wild.
The Island Waters Fly Fishing Society was on hand with fly tying displays and a general sharing of their love of the sport. In addition to passing on information to current fishermen they were encouraging people to try the sport pointing out you are never too young, nor too old to appreciate the joys of fly fishing.

Friends of the Nanaimo River/Nanaimo Watershed Coalition were on hand with an informative model of the watersheds in mid-Vancouver Island. BC Hydro had an information booth highlighting the importance of energy conservation.

Nanaimo Fish Hatchery's booth outlined the work they do and were telling guests that now is a good time to visit the hatchery to see some of the returning adult salmon. Oceans & Fisheries were on hand to answer all your questions about local enhancement programs.

There were also guided walks along the Millstone Channel with Mel Shang from DFO . The side channel will see coho make it up around the falls this year and into Westwood and Brannen Lakes for the first time without taking a truck ride.

Nanaimo Recycling Exchange was on hand with an interesting model of a typical watershed including city streets and roadways. Children would add water to 'lakes' and 'streams' and then see how all the water sooner or later wound up in the ocean.

Sandy's Ukrainian Kitchen was on hand to handle the crowd's munchies, yours truly just can't pass up their fresh cut fries, done to crisp perfection.


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