Wednesday, September 15, 2010

School Is In - - - SLOW DOWN

New Speed Reader Board
Helps Change Driver Behaviour

Speed Watch volunteer Don Van Horne makes notes as he mans the new speed reader board recently donated to the program by ICBC.

Speed Watch is a joint effort of the City of Nanaimo, ICBC and the RCMP which depends on the efforts of many volunteers for it's success in the community.

The program is aimed at alerting drivers to their speed and attempts to break the 'auto pilot' mode many drivers seem to adopt. Drivers all know that the speed limit in a school zone is 30 kmh and the zone is clearly marked with the familiar school zone sign. There really is no excuse for not slowing down in a school zone, yet it is surprising how many drivers seem to get behind the wheel and have a disconnect with their brain and accelerator foot. Seeing their speed displayed on the LED screen serves as a wake up call for those drivers who just aren't watching their speed.

This new board which costs $3500 is supplied by ICBC who support the Speed Watch program by providing safety vests etc.for volunteer members. The new board boasts several improved features with a brighter display which is easier to see in bright sunlight, a much heavier tripod to stabilize the equipment and a longer life, lighter weight battery. The unit is completely self contained having a Doppler Radar gun mounted on top of the LED screen which accurately displays your driving speed.

Just Down The Road ...
If the school zone sign and the brightly lit LED display was not enough warning to get you to slow down, just down the road two of the force's finest will be issuing tickets which carry a hefty fine to serve as a lasting reminder to SLOW DOWN in School Zones.


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  1. I find that the majority of drivers exceed the speed limit in playground zones. I suspect this is because they don't realize the speed limit is in effect for 365 days a year.


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