Monday, September 20, 2010

Spirit of Endeavour In Nanaimo Sept. 21, 2010

Pocket Cruise Ship Visits Nanaimo

The pocket cruise ship 'Spirit of Endeavour' will be in Nanaimo tomorrow from 8:00am - 1:00 pm as the cruise ship season slowly comes to an end for another season.
The ship itself is 217 feet in length, cruises at 13 knots has a 28 person crew and can carry 102 passengers. A review of this vessel describes it this way:

"The ship is for people who like small ships and a fair amount of contact with other passengers. It isn't for those who like larger ships and the ability to remain anonymous onboard. In fact, it's precisely what is lacking onboard Spirit of Endeavor that makes it a special experience for laid-back cruise travelers: The lack of a pool, casino and entertainment venues actually brings the staff and passengers closer together, because socializing and great educational programs are the main forms of entertainment -- if that's what you want!"

So, if you feel so inclined you might want to head down to the inner harbour tomorrow and extend some good old Nanaimo hospitality to our visitors.

Lets hope the weatherman co-operates and that our guests get a taste of one of those great September Indian summer days we often enjoy.


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