Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sunny Skies Return To Nanaimo

Great Weather Comin' Our Way

The cloudy skies and liquid sunshine of the last few days is a gentle reminder of things to come. However, in the meantime we will be experiencing what some might call an Indian Summer over the next few days. If the weatherman has it right, it should hold through to the weekend.

In addition to getting out an enjoying our hectares and hectares of fantastic parks and miles and miles of oceanfront walkways and parks, here are a few other things to do to take advantage of the weather:
  • Clean up the flower beds, the cooler weather and rain have meant the end of some annuals for this year.
  • Cut the grass which has sprung to life with the recent showers. Trim the grass around the edges also.
  • If you burn wood, get someone to clean your chimney and check it for safe operation this year.
  • Get your furnace 'tuned up' for another heating season, don't leave it until the last minute like everyone else.
  • Clean up any windfalls in the yard from your fruit trees.
  • Wash and clean the car.
  • Check your eves and gutters to make sure they are clear for another season of liquid sunshine.
  • Paint any woodwork around your house that needs protection from the fall/winter Nanaimo weather.
  • Reseal and caulk around your doors and windows to help keep the heat in and your heating bills down this winter.
  • Have your car checked for winter now and beat the rush later. Do you have snow tires from last year? Don't put them on yet, but don't leave it until the first snowfall either.
Now, if there is nothing left on the 'to do' list, for heaven's sake get out and enjoy the great advantages of living in such a wonderful part of the world.


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