Tuesday, September 07, 2010

What City Council Spent To Get Elected Last Time

Can Money 'Buy' An Elected Seat On Council?
If So ... Is It Good?

The above list shows the amount declared as being spent by all Mayoral candidates and by those elected to Council.

Just spending money is no assurance of an election win as both T. Greves and M. MacDonald can attest as they both spent more than six of the candidates who were elected. Greves spent $8455.59 while MacDonald spent $7941.24.

It is interesting to note how much each candidate spent in relation to the number of votes they received. I am not sure it proves anything, but interesting none the less.

For the position of Councillor, Jim Kipp clearly got the most bang for the buck only spending $0.06 per vote received, while Larry McNabb and Merv Unger led the pack with the most expensive votes earned at $1.92 and $1.50 respectively.

The only place there seems a clear relationship was in the Mayoral race with the number of votes falling proportionately in line with the dollars spent.

It is also curious the amount being spent by those who have been on council for a long time. You would think that the recognition they have due to their long time service would mean they would not have to spend very much to get re-elected. Councilor Sherry is the only exception to that observation.

It will also be interesting to add to this item, 'where' the funds came from for these elected officials. If for example a labour union is a strong supporter, do you suppose a member of council is going to consider taking a hard look at labour contracts?


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