Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What Is New At City Hall?

Is Mr. Berry Entitled To A Raise??

Just when you thought the snouts at the trough would have had there fill, it just keeps getting more nauseating all the time.

Last year as you will recall, amid much secrecy at city hall the ex-city manager decided to take an early retirement, before the results of an external study were made known which apparently indicated there was really no need for an assistant manager. Seems that because of a contract covering non-union workers at city hall ( I presume drafted or at least directed by Mr. Berry himself) he was entitled to be paid one month for every year of service just because he wanted to quit two years early, but did not want to forgo being paid.  Nice gig if you can get it!

At the time this iron clad contract was being crafted by Mr. Berry and legal staff under his direction, at least four current councilors (Sherry, Unger, Holdom and McNabb) in concert with ex-mayor Korpan thought the arguably excessive salaries and benefits were not sufficient reward for the years of service Mr. Berry and others have put in, selflessly serving their community. After all, why would you consider that salaries in the $200,000 a year range, car benefits, gold plated medical plans and pension plans be enough reward for all the fine work done on behalf of the local citizens?

Indeed, it seems reasonable that the taxpayers of Nanaimo should reward Mr. Berry with a meager half million dollars considering all the fine oversight he provided while working for the city. Arranging contracts with companies who seemingly have no real assets (Suro, Millennium etc.) and then giving them $3,000,000 to not build a hotel downtown is a shining example of the competence of this outstanding public servant. Not to forget all the stellar management skills demonstrated seeing a convention centre project which went from a $12 million idea, to a $52 million contract to a final product for only $72 million, and all done without competitive bids, no less! Fantastic! It is amazing Nanaimo was able to hold onto this world class city manager who I am sure had job offers from far and wide.

 So, what do you think? Should Mr. Berry be rewarded with another 1.5% raise for his fine efforts on your behalf? Or should he be required to forfeit his half million dollars of pork and return it to the taxpayers?

Remember at least four members on council are the same ones who thought this was a good deal in the first place. When is the next civic election? Not soon enough you say??


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  1. Rewarded??? I don't think so. Perhaps he and a few others should be required to kick in some money to help offset the annual cost of the conference centre. At the very least they should help repay the $3 million they gave to Suro.


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