Monday, October 11, 2010

Nanaimo Car Co-op Car Sharing in Nanaimo

A Car Co-op Could Work For You

Owning your own automobile is an expensive proposition as any car owner can attest. There is the original cost of the vehicle, cost of financing, repairs and maintenance, insurance and on it goes.

Depending on your lifestyle a car co-op could provide all the car you really need for a mere fraction of the cost of maintaining your own vehicle.

As a member of the co-op you can use a shared car on a first come first served basis and you are charged only for the time you use the car. Currently there are two cars available to share in Nanaimo and 25+ members in the co-op at present. One of the vehicles (pictured above) is located at Nanaimo city hall and the other is at Port Place.

When using the car you have sole use of it, that means you are not using the car with someone else as a car pool would do. It is like family members using the family car when it is their turn.

For more detailed information visit their website HERE or call 250-741-4141.


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