Saturday, November 27, 2010

Bastion Officially Reopen

Crowd Gathers Under Blue Skies For Reopening of Bastion
Bell is rung To Mark Official Reopening of Historical Bastion
Dignitaries Address The Crowd
Example Of Some Of The Wood Joinery Used In Restoration

Historic HBC Fort 
'Bastion' Officially Reopened Nov.27, 2010

Under brilliantly clear and blue skies the 157 year old Bastion was reopened before an enthusiastic crowd assembled to mark the historic occasion. Among the crowd were dignitaries from local historical societies, civil politicians, Provincial and even Federal government representatives were on hand.

Looking like a brand new building after the extensive renovation over the summer (which saw the building literally completely disassembled) the Bastion should now be good for another 100 years. Some of the work inside the structure was to cover any of the steel supports which had been added during previous renovations. Now all the joints appear to be wooden joinery only, with none of the steel visible. Hats off to the craftsmen who did such a professional job.

The Bastion will now be protected during the winter season with a white screen, which does not look out of place, and should provide much needed protection from winter storms. In the past the ravages of weather is the major factor which resulted in the deterioration which made the renovation necessary.

The Bastion currently is empty but will once again be home of cannon and memorabilia by the time it reopens to the public next May 24th weekend.

Kudos to all involved who have seen to the successful restoration of a Nanaimo landmark.

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