Monday, November 08, 2010

Bowen Park Falls Roaring

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Good News For Salmon

The recent rainfalls have raised the water in the Millstone River which of course is good news for the returning salmon. It is amazing how much more water is in the river this week over last weekend, the result of the rain we have had.

The inviting park bench by the falls beckons visitors to Bowen Park to stop and sit a spell and take in the natural beauty as thousands of litres of water tumbles over the falls. Just in front of the falls is the entrance to the side channel which allows returning salmon to make it to the spawning grounds by giving them a passage which goes around the falls. 

As determined as the salmon are to return to their spawning grounds, the falls in the Millstone is simply one obstacle they could never naturally get past. These salmon will go all the way up to Westwood and even Brannen Lake thanks to the hard work of all responsible for the construction of the 'side channel'.

Regardless of how big your ultra deluxe, high def, led, lcd, plasma wall covering television, complete with wall moving surround sound system is ....... it can never compete with the show available for free from the park bench above.

When was the last time you took in the show at Bowen Park? It is really one of Nanaimo's better features.


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