Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Clear and Cold In Nanaimo This Morning

Unofficial Temperature At 7:30 AM

This is the morning you are likely to find out if you should have bought a new battery for your car. If you should, you will be needing a jump start from the neighbours or will be calling a tow truck, or perhaps you will just grab a taxi or the bus and deal with it later.

These kind of temperatures, which our friends in Calgary or Regina would call a heat wave, can make all the difference between a battery that works, and one that won't. 

Also remember that once your car starts it is a good idea to let it warm up a bit, so the oil gets thin and circulates well throughout the whole engine. This may also be the morning you find your defroster doesn't work the way it should either. On a similar note, you did check your antifreeze in the engine and your window washer bottle is not just straight water?

Let's face it, we Nanaimoites and our cars are just plain wimps when it comes to winter weather. Cheer up, we are supposed to be back to normal by Thursday.


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