Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Corporate Big Wig Can't Do Job

Subway's CDO Fails As Fast Food Worker

In a recent episode of 'Undercover Boss' the chief development officer of Subway's, Don Fertman found out the hard way that delivering what the customer and management expects is not all that easy.

The exec had worked for Subway for 29 years and in that time had never actually made one of the company's sandwiches. When put on the line it took him over 3 minutes to put together customer orders, which simply is far too slow. His 19 year old manager sent him to the back of the store, to wash dishes, clean windows and do other grunt work that would not interfere with the experience of customers coming to the popular sandwich eatery.

There is a general 'snobiness' today which tends to look down upon and demean people who work in the fast food business. Phrases like McJobs tend to devalue the role these jobs play in today's society. After all, the last time I looked eating was pretty much up there on my list of important things to do today. Paying some senior exec kazillions of dollars to play monopoly is probably not as much of a priority to me as making sure the person responsible for providing me with safe, tasty food to eat is making a living wage and feel good enough about the service they provide to hold their heads high, and take pride in their work.

On the same vein paying bankers and stock market traders obscene amounts of money to dabble with the economy in ways which arguably add nothing to the overall good, while we pay people who provide the very necessities of life poorly, says a lot about our societies values. Which seem a little skewed at the moment.

So, who is more important to you as a customer looking for a healthy, nutritious lunch, the seven figure exec sitting in  his ivory tower someplace, or the boy or girl behind the counter being paid a bit more than minimum wage?


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  1. You really hit a good point here, one that I think is very important. The CEO's of most businesses have no idea how their business runs, step into our shoes , bud!!


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