Monday, November 08, 2010

Gas Companies Gouging Again

Nanaimo Gas Prices Jump Again!
Ottawa Price Today 99.5
Calgary Price Today 89.4

It would seem the gas companies have learned that if they keep edging the prices up ever so slowly and never roll them back, sooner or later we won't even notice!

How else would you explain the rip off prices Nanaimo drivers are once again paying, and without even a squawk this time. Remember all the uproar when gas prices went over .90? 1.00? Now, it is something you don't even give a thought to as the price keeps inching it's way back up. How long do you think it will take to get back to the $1.50 high of a few years ago? The difference of course is that crude oil prices are nowhere near what they once were and we the consumer are still being charged as if they were.

The gouging at the pumps and the ever increasing demand for taxes are two factors which are continuing to fuel the ever growing feeling of apathy and disconnect that is growing among the Canadian population. It really seems as if the average person no longer has any real voice in what is going on and gas prices are one of the more glaring examples.

There is no point in bitching to your elected representatives, there is either nothing they can do, or nothing they will do to actually change anything regardless of the amount of baffle gab they dish out at election time. Gas prices will only go down, if consumers join together and take some action such as boycotting certain stations to put pressure on the companies to lower their prices. Otherwise, they will keep taking as much from your pocket as they can get away with.



  1. If you pick a service station chain like Petro Canada and stop buying your gas from then and only ten will you get their attention.

  2. Someone should organize a boycott of the local Petro Canada Stations as they seem to always be the first ones to up the price. More than once I have seen them jack up the price, and a day or two later, if the other stations didn't follow, they brought their prices back down.
    I am sick and tired of being screwed by the taxman ever time I buy something, and screwed by the gas companies who have a *%*#### monopoly which none of our politicians can do anything about!


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