Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Glad To See Me This Morning

Anna's Hummingbird
Just Outside My Window
In years past we have always had humming birds visit our feeder in the spring and early summer, but usually once there is lots of natural food, they just seemed to disappear.

This year however, is different and at least one Anna's Hummingbird has decided to adopt our yard, and more specifically this feeder. They are most protective of their food supply and the one, who now spends most of the day perched in the Cottoneaster will quickly drive away any other Hummingbird that tries to use the feeder. Their aerobatic abilities would put a top gun pilot to shame!

This recent cold snap means of course that her feeder freezes up after a few hours, so it needs replacing. This morning about 7:00 am I went out to put up a fresh feeder and she was already sitting in the bush, waiting for me.

This feeder and bush is not two feet outside our living room window, and she certainly is far more interesting than anything the telly has to offer.


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