Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Have You Seen Jocko?

Dog Missing In Brooks Landing Area
Now Seen Near Beban Park

Jocko was staying with friends of his owner when he went AWOL on Nov. 16 in the Departure Bay area, and was last seen at Brooks Landing.

If you have seen Jocko please call his owners at 250-591-8474 or 250-591-8471. If you are unable to reach them please call the SPCA 250-758-8444 or City Pound 250-754-1397.

Apparently he has been spotted in the Cosgrove Cres. area and in the area of the golf course. The owners say he loves food, is very friendly and encourage you to hold on to him if you are comfortable with that.

Jocko is on the move and it sounds like he has left the Departure Bay area, though he may return there. He was sighted this morning near Beban Park, crossing Bowen Road into Rosstown Road. 

If you want to help try and get Jocko back home, if you click here you will be able to download and print a poster, you can post in your area, or give to friends.


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  1. Thanks Jim! The groundswell of support has been nothing short of incredible. Now if we can only get better weather for a lost dog...:)


    Barbara Densmore
    South End Community Association


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