Monday, November 08, 2010

Is Sign Legal?

Is The 'OPEN' Sign Legal In Nanaimo?

The other day while picking up some groceries in Terminal Park, my eye was caught by the animated sign in a restaurant window across the parking lot.

It kept changing the message every few seconds spelling out the word OPEN. It made me wonder if this sign was in violation of our LED sign bylaw, and then I remembered we don't seem to have one at the moment.
I would presume that if the technology employed is not LED the business owner may be in the clear, however if the sign is employing the feared LED technology it could well have it's days numbered.

The example on the end of the Convention Centre downtown seems to suggest that the city is in favour of such means of communication when it comes to promoting events at the conference centre, on a main road, right beside a traffic light. However, it seems that council can not make up it's mind when it comes to applying a rule for all to follow.

It is good to see we have such decisive leaders at the helm in Nanaimo. Men and women able to examine the facts, weigh the pros and cons and come to a well reasoned conclusion which they agree and act upon.


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  1. I dont know how many times I have listened to this council, and the last council on signage. After watching tonight's meeting I truly think this City needs a total audit ,particularly about issues like this that go on forever with nothing resolved.Business people need clarity, and there just isnt any with this council.It is a total waste of taxpayers money to bandy this back and forth with no resolution.We have real issues facing our community and one of them is keeping the businesses we have, and attracting others.Too much dilly dally on one issue when so many others need attention.Peter Warren used to say on CKNW 'Get On With It".
    I truly wish that this Council would quit discussing, and deal with things.Other than listening to the late delegation, and Mr Bill McKay I just wasted more than two hours of my time.


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