Thursday, November 25, 2010

Nanaimo Barbershop With Character

Treasure Trove of Eclectic Memorabilia In Unique Barbershop
British Barber/Hairstylist  
Alan Bethell Welcomes You To His Establishment

You're not likely to find another one in Nanaimo, and perhaps not even on the Island, a Barbershop with character owned and operated by a Barber who is a character.

As soon as you walk through the doors you know this is not one of those slick North American hair cutting franchise outfits with their upscale designer furniture and decor. The name on the window, 'Shear Agony' is a hint to the experience inside this unique shop located in Terminal Park Mall.

The proprietor Alan Bethell has been in the business of lowering people's ears for over 51 years now, having started in his chosen field at the early age of 15 in his native England. As many young men of his day he took a look at a future in the manufacturing and heavy factory fields, but really did not see himself spending his life in a hot factory doing manual labor all his life. An apprenticeship in the hair cutting business was a career choice he never regrets and has been the means of meeting thousands of people and seeing more of the world than many of us.

One regret he does have was declining the opportunity to work aboard a cruise ship which would have taken people on around the world cruises. After spending one month aboard a cruise ship in the Mediterranean he knew he had made a mistake turning down the chance of a life aboard a luxury cruise liner.

At one point in his career he moved to Toronto from England where he spent several years and then returned to Merry Olde for another 20 years or so before finally moving to the harbour city of Nanaimo many years ago.

If you want a good haircut mixed with a good dose of conversation that 'barbershops' are known for, you can't beat a trip to Shear Agony in Terminal Park Plaza, in the same building as TD Canada Trust, next to the Suishi restaurant.



  1. I may just try this place out, thanks for posting this!!

  2. After reading this I went to check this place out, and I have to say that it is the best cut I have had in my 30 years!!! With the humor too add.... Highly recommend

  3. Well worth the 760km. drive from Prince George, BC. Great people, Great place!
    In the immortal words of Arnold Schwarzenegger... I'll Be Back! (pronounced Bach :)

  4. This is a dishonest place of employment. Theft between staff, ridicule and shameful. Staff drinks during hours of operation, and very unsuited decor. My small children were looking at naked women on the wall and I noticed that the young man near the front did not clean his equipment between his haircuts. This is tacky workmanship. I will not come again, nor will I recommend anyone. There are other barber shops in Nanaimo that are clean and professional.


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