Friday, November 12, 2010

Nanaimo Boston Pizza Seeks Sign Support

Nanaimo Boston Pizza Uses Social Networking
And Launches Website to Seek Sign Support

The Nanaimo Boston Pizza is looking for public support in their bid to have city council allow them the needed variance for their highway business sign.

Recently, franchise owner, Jim Mercier was amazed to learn city council had reversed their decision to allow a variance permit that would have allowed for the over height sign in front of his business. The decision to revisit the decision was based on a possible conflict with Councilor Bestwick and Boston Pizza.

The local restaurant is part of a 350+ chain of pizza restaurants which has seen four other owners fail in the past 12 years. Mercier is the fifth franchisee to try and make a success of the local business which he is convinced can be turned around with better signage on the highway. The following picture shows the difference in height of an allowable sign, and the height of a sign variance Mercier is seeking.
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The picture on the left shows a sign at the 30 foot height, and the picture on the right shows a sign at the requested height of 50 feet. The sign is only higher and not any bigger, but clearly is much more visible. The following shows an artists drawing of the proposed new sign with the possible uses of the LED component of the sign. The exact details for the LED sign are yet to be governed by a city bylaw which council is yet to decide upon.

You can visit the Save 60 jobs website by clicking here or their facebook page using this LINK.


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