Thursday, November 11, 2010

Rain And Bitter Cold

Nanaimo Residents Remember The Sacrifice

It was a rainy, cold and windy day in Nanaimo as thousands assembled at the war memorial to once again pay respects to those who have fought, to those who have fought and died and those who are currently fighting, dying and being injured so that we might enjoy the freedom we so easily take for granted.

As I was making my way to the cenotaph with a cold fall rain just starting, and a raw, bone chilling wind whipping up, I remember thinking to myself: " I did not wake up this morning in a wet, muddy fox hole, where I had spent a fitful night trying to get some rest for my weary, cold and sore bones, like thousands have done, in the wars to end all wars". I remembered the story my Grandfather told me, of how as a young man he lied about his age to enlist and fight in the first world war. How he had come home suffering from trench feet, which had left a finger size hole in the heel of his foot. He was one of the fortunate, as he not only returned home, but in fact he returned home with all his parts, the feet would heal.

Today our men and women are still putting it all on the line, to defend those who cannot defend themselves, and to let those who would rule by the sword, know, they will not go unanswered.

God Bless Us All.


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