Thursday, November 25, 2010

Recall Application Rejected

Ida Chong
Recall Application

In a decision that has Fight HST organizer Bill Vander Zalm spitting nails, the application to begin the Ida Chong recall process has been rejected.

Acting chief electoral officer Craig James, says the application exceeds the 200 word limit allowed under legislation.

It seems that words like HST and MLA are not actually counted as two words, but rather six if you are applying the means of word counting used by Mr. James.

The group can resubmit an application however each of the 150 people registered to collect signatures during the recall campaign will have to resubmit their applications.

Comment: Rules are rules, and the organizers should be clear on the word count issue. However, I think Mr. Craig has done nothing but throw gasoline onto the fire. If he hasn't noticed there are a lot of p#$$@d off people these days, and most levels of government are in their sights.



  1. I believe that common practice in telegraphy (if it is still used) and in magazine/newspaper ads is to allow the use of abbreviations so that HST and MLA would NOT draw charges equivalent to the words which they represent. Mr. Craig is going, for some perverse reason, against common industry practice. Why?

  2. Elections BC updated their website and created the PDF on November 24th!

    The details of the word limit is posted at

    BUT, look at the Google Cache for this page by searching google for: It will show you

    There was no mention of the word limit on November 23rd! They added this on the 24th.

    The PDF links to:

    Look at the date on the PDF, it was created November 24th!

    There are more details listed at

  3. You should submit this to the Nanaimo Forum & see what the response is-unbelievable in my eyes after checking out the links Mapleridge supplied. Sounds similar to Nanaimo civic politics!!!


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