Monday, November 15, 2010

Finance / Policy Committee of the Whole

Nanaimo FPCW Meeting Today
2011 - 2015 Financial Plan Presentation
4:30 PM Board Room, City Hall

Director of Finance, Mr. Brian Clemens will be presenting the 2011 - 2015 Financial Plan today at the regular Finance / Policy Committee Meeting of the Whole. This will be the first look council and the public will have of how your tax dollars are planned to be spent.

Unless, something has changed from the last reports, you can expect to see a budgeted tax increase in the area of 25%+.

If you can attend these meetings, take the time to do so, and become more involved in the democratic process than showing up to vote every few years.

Remember, democracy is TOO IMPORTANT to be left to the politicians. If they don't hear from the majority of taxpayers, they will continue to make policy based on the agenda of special interest groups.

To view the agenda for today's meeting you can click Nanaimo Info here.


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