Friday, November 26, 2010

Rural Meth Lab Dismantled

A rural property on Munroe Rd located off of Jingle Pot Rd, is currently the subject of a search by members of the Nanaimo RCMP Property Crime Unit and members of the E Division Clandestine Lab response team.

Officers with the Property Crime Unit,armed with a search warrant, entered the property around 7 PM last night to search various outbuildings for suspected crystal methamphetamine. Five individuals were encountered by the officers and taken into custody without incident. Later that night the registered owner, a 33 year old male, drove onto the property and was also arrested and taken into custody.

While the property was being searched one of the officers involved detected a chemical odour coming from a barn on the property. The building was not entered and officers contacted the EDiv Clan Unit in Vancouver relaying the information they had. Based on the information provided to them,they attended to the property late last night and commenced with shutting down the lab.The premises were secured and guarded for the night. This morning the members re-commenced iwith their search and are still searching and dismantling the chemical lab.

Currently the six individuals, five males and one female are still in custody ,arrested on charges of Production of a Controlled Substance and Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act(CDSA). Three of these individuals are from Nanaimo, two from Surrey and one resides on Salt Spring Island. No decision has been made to date on what charges, if any, the six face. Upon completion of the search ,an updated release will be prepared and released.


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