Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Times They Are A Changin'

$55,000 Needed For Playground
In College Heights

The local daily is running a story about three mothers in the College Heights area who are soliciting support for a playground in their neighbourhood.

The land designated as park has been sitting vacant for three years now, and the closest playground for residents is at Westwood Lake, which of course involves a car ride and not just a pleasant walk.

Three mothers in the area have taken it upon themselves to spearhead the drive to bring a park to their neighbourhood.

They have raised some $6,000 towards the cause which will be added to the $25,000 that the City of Nanaimo has ponied up under the Volunteers in Parks program. This still leaves them short of the required $55,000 they claim to need for the project.

One of the moms is quoted as saying currently she has to drive to Westwood Lake to push her kids on the swings, and feels every neighbourhood should have their own park in walking distance.

As the title says Times They Are A Changin' ! I know inflation is a problem, and that I also got off of the ark, but can't you build a pretty decent swingset for $31,000? When I was a kid (before electrictiy or cars) a good tree branch, an old useless tire, 30 feet of rope and voila .......  instant swing for at least two!

I would think that with $31,000 and lots of sweat equity from the local weekend warriors in the neighbourhood, and this neighbourhood should have one first class, grade A number One playground.


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  1. Yah you could build a cheaper one, but, she is probably quoting some numbers from a playground equipment supplier, they are outrageous for the cost of their products. We built one here in Cinnabar a few years back-huge money!!?


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