Wednesday, December 08, 2010

BC Ferry Passenger's Christmas Gift

Taxis Could Be Back 
Inside Departure Bay Ferry Terminal Soon 

It looks like pressure from the travelling public has brought some good old common sense to the table as BC Ferries and the two Nanaimo cab companies seem to have come to a tentative deal.

Mr. Reeves, of AC Taxi who has been the spokesman for both companies dealing with BC Ferries reports a tentative deal has been struck which could see the situation at Departure Bay terminal resolved by this Sunday.

Ferry passengers coming to Nanaimo for the past month or more have had to play 'find the taxi' when they arrived at the terminal as cabs were forced to park outside the lot and out of view of disembarking passengers.

For some background on this little saga which pitted two small companies against a huge corporation with the traveling public used as pawns click here.

If the two sides sign the final document it looks as if the Grinch's attempt to steal Christmas cheer from the traveling public has been averted.


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