Thursday, December 09, 2010

Prime Minister Harper Rocks The House

The sometimes somber and aloof Prime Minister every now and then tickles the ivories to the surprise of most Canadians and the delight of his fans.

Politically of course he has his critics but you have to give him points for letting it all hang out!
Personally I think he is miles ahead of the average Canadian karaoke singer, in fact I find him surprisingly good,  but think he made the right career choice.

The above video was at a Conservative Caucus Christmas party where those in attendance were expecting another political speech from the country's leader. His wife introduced him by saying "We agreed that since you've all heard him speak plenty of times, we might try a bit of a surprise this year".

Harper took the stage accompanied by his own 24 Sussex garage band 'Herringbone' wearing a black shirt and dark pants.

If you mouse over  the picture you will see the controls to launch the video if you want to hear your Prime Minister doing this five song set.


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