Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Boston Pizza Sign

Boston Pizza Sign Variance Defeated

City Council's time was totally dominated dealing with the sign variance permit for Boston Pizza. There were many delegations speaking in support of the variance and it was obvious the new franchise owner has a lot of support for his business.

Whether this variance permit should have been revisited is open for debate as the business owner had been advised by an officer of the city that the permit had been approved in the first place. It was the questionable suggestion of a conflict removing Councillor Bestwick's support of the orginal permit that resulted in this issue being revisited.

Councillors Kipp, Unger and Johnstone voted in support of the orginal variance, Councillors Holdom, Sherry, Pattje and Mayor Ruttan defeated the permit.

A modified variance permit was passed which allows for a sign not exceeding 30 feet and having no LED component.

Comment: Watching this meeting and discussion which took an hour and a half, it is obvious why the sign bylaw has not come to a conclusion after four years of consideration.


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