Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Electronics Recycling in Nanaimo

Dispose Of Unwanted Electronics Safely

If you got a new television, computer, smart phone or any other electronic device for Christmas and you no longer want or need your old one don't just throw it out in the regular garbage.

In Nanaimo you can get rid of unwanted electronics free of charge which means it is good for the environment  as it will wind up being recycled and not occupying space in some landfill somewhere.

If you want to see a complete list of what products are acceptable for recycling click here.

In Nanaimo you can return your electronics to:
  • Nanaimo Bottle Depot 1805 Fremont Rd. 250-751-2358
  • Mostar Bottle Depot #4 - 4151 Mostar Rd. 250-751-2358
  • Nanaimo Recycling Exchange 2477 Kenworth Rd. 250-758-7777
If you are concerned about personal information on your devices, there are currently two places that will shred your hard drive, cell phone, CD Rom etc. for a small fee. Currently this service is only available at:
  • Victoria 4234 Glanford Ave.
  • Surrey 8307 - 130th St.


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  1. Wow, they are really making it so everything can be recycled! Even electronics now! I also didn't know they had special bottle depot calgary to recycle bottles! I think that is so great! It really helps us as a world go more green! thanks for sharing!


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