Thursday, December 30, 2010

Is The World Upside Down?

Do We Know Up from Down??

The end of a year with the hopes of a new one in sight is often time to pause and reflect on the state of things locally, provincially, nationally and globally.

Without sounding too glum it seems to me that more and more we don't really seem to have a direction of where we are going and have little future plans beyond tomorrow.

Locally, council watchers have to wonder just what direction this council has in mind for the future of our little seaside community. An economic development commission was formed last March and to date the minutes of their meetings don't offer anything inspiring or hopeful for that matter. Council itself seems totally unwilling to tackle any pressing issues head on, always willing to defer to staff who defers to council on matters of significance. Approving the keeping of a few chickens was the most 'out of the norm' item actually dealt with by this council and it is doubtful if much will change in the coming year.
However, one should not be too hard on city councilors considering they are only being paid to do a part time job unless you are semi-retired and make yourself more available. However, at the end of the day increasing taxes while avoiding as much controversy as possible seems to be the order of the day.

Provincially, neither party can even agree on their leadership and clearly you would be hard pressed to see what kind of vision for the future either one has to offer. Increasing taxes and continuing to support their own masters is about all either party is capable of doing. There is nothing coming out of either camp that would capture the imagination of anyone other than the long time party supporter.

Federally, it would seem that the official opposition for the most part agrees with the government in power which leads to the conclusion that change for the sake of change would be pointless. As much as the Liberals try to pretend they are different from the Tories, there is nothing in their policies (if you can find them) that offer anything different from the present ruling class. The distinct different party of course is our own government funded party of the traitors whose only purpose is to leave Canada, why they are in parliament is a mystery I have never understood. Some, less complacent countries would throw that lot in prison for trying to break up a country. But of course this is Canada after all, where we are pretty much asleep most of the time. The Tories demonstrated their fiscal responsibility by paying down our National debt over the years, but have completely wiped out any gains in that department with their recent rounds of government spending to help us get through the current recession. Which by the way, is far from over if you listen to the code being spoken by the finance minister and the bank of Canada governor.

If one considers the levels of personal debt and sovereign debt in our country you have to wonder if we are not the most deluded generation to occupy this lovely piece of real estate. We have had a very long party and we will be passing the bill on to the next generation to pay for it.

Globally, it seems the countries of the world are jumping from one monetary crisis to another. Riots in the streets where governments have been forced to embrace austerity due to the realization that you can not keep borrowing to support unrealistic lifestyles of today. Whole countries either bankrupt or on the brink. The USA for all intents and purposes is bankrupt and the fact their currency is still a major one in the world is the only reason they can keep on printing the stuff like a drunken sailor on leave.

You have to wonder just how far from upside down we truly are when you hear that a US comedian struck a deal to be paid two million dollars for one ninety minute show! When you see the obscene sums we pay performers in all types of sports to keep us entertained you have to wonder if it is not 'us' who are upside down and the world itself is still quite alright.

In spite of the gloomy picture painted here, the one thing about facing the New Year is the fact it is a NEW year and we can all hope and pray we will find our way and leave this place better when we leave it than we found it.


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