Thursday, December 23, 2010

Liberal Hopefuls Rebranding Liberals?

Party Leadership Election Tries To
See What Electorate Will Buy!
The current batch of those seeking the throne are trying to set themselves apart, firstly within their own party and secondly with the electorate of British Columbia.

Time proven tactics of buying our votes with our own money are being dusted off and given a try with the current bunch promising to restore funding to groups hit by government austerity moves of years gone by.

It seems they are all promising to restore grants to charities and non-profit groups who have seen funding cut in the past in an effort to manage the province's finances. They fail of course to offer any substantive proof of how that will be accomplished given the current state of economics, not only provincially, nor federally but in fact globally
This idea that governments can simply keep on governing as they have in the past, continually spending money we have not earned yet, proves that provincially in the political theatre, there is nothing new under the sun.

Whether their party and in fact the electorate will continue buying into this fantasy won't be known for a few more elections.


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