Monday, December 20, 2010

Lunar Eclipse Tonight

456 Years Since The Last One
It has been 456 years since the last full lunar eclipse on Dec. 21 the day of the winter solstice. The weatherman will have to co-operate if we are going to see this unique event which should start this evening at 10:30 pm.

The eclipse should be visible over most of North America, but of course will require clear skies  and our forecast is not entirely promising. If you can see the moon the eclipse will start at 10:30 pm and should be over by 2:00 am Tuesday morning.

The last time their was a full lunar eclipse at the time of the winter solstice was in 1554, which while scientifically rare, is just a happening of natural cycles of the alignment of planets and stars and the like.

The winter solstice of course is that moment in time when the earth is the farthest away from the Sun which marks our first day of winter in this hemisphere. It is also from this point forward that the hours of sunshine will begin to increase.


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  1. What a treat! The clouds cleared off and we got to see the moon gradually being covered and is now it is in an orangy shadow.

    Lois MOON
    Saanichton 11:58 pm 20 Dec


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