Friday, December 10, 2010

Millennium Deal Finally Put To Rest

Resurrection By Current Council Unsuccessful

In what can only be described as questionable judgment the city of Nanaimo under the guidance of manager A. Kenning and Mayor Ruttan spent another $12,000 of your tax dollars trying to get blood from a stone.

On several occasions now I have asked the Mayor and Mr. Kenning to supply some documentation that would demonstrate their due diligence which would have led them to believe Millennium Nanaimo Properties had anything to satisfy the lawsuit.

This whole affair would call into question the quality of legal advice the city is buying and the quality of management being exercised by city council and city staff. The release posted by Mayor Ruttan points out the fact that Millennium has agreed to pay the $2000 legal fee the city was ordered to pay, in addition they will be supplying the city with reports and plans they have. The reports and plans will be useless of course, but that is typical of this whole deal.

One of the chief architects of this whole deal was rewarded with a half million dollar severance package because he wanted to retire early. I am beginning to understand why he might not have wanted to face the music that would accompany this outcome.


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