Monday, December 20, 2010

Nanaimo City Council

Flip Flops Should Be Footwear 
Of Choice For Council

Anyone who has watched in either amusement or amazement at the City Council's inability to deal with the issue of LED signs in Nanaimo will understand the significance of the above graphic.

I believe Councilor McNabb is on record as saying that when he first headed up the commission to look into the LED sign issue, he felt it was pointless as from the outset the councilors on the commission (Holdom and Pattje) were opposed to LED signs as was the majority of city staff. He basically said he thought it was a wasted exercise in the first place given the prejudice going into the effort.

The real reason for the opposition to LED signs has never really been clear when you listen to the reasons presented. In my opinion (and I have been wrong before) I think there is an ideology among some who simply think that LED signs are unsightly in any form, and will oppose them with whatever means at their disposal. Quoting safety concerns which seem to be contradictory is just one of the latest tactics employed by the anti-LED sign contingent.

The Boston Pizza Two Step
Those who have watched the ongoing saga of the Boston Pizza sign have simply got to be scratching their heads again in either amusement or amazement at the show put on by this council. The questionable Bestwick conflict of interest drama just gave more opportunity for council to engage in their favourite dance. The good old flip flop two step.

Whether this business should be given the variances required to install their sign is simply a side issue at this point. The point is, how can you for one minute think you know what this council will do? This kind of indecision is typical of how this council has or perhaps has not served the community these past two years.

The Flip Flop Example Of The Boston Pizza Votes

On October 4, 2010 those FOR the sign variance were Unger, Ruttan, McNabb, Bestwick and Johnstone. Those OPPOSED were Holdom, Kipp, Sherry and Pattje.

On Dec. 14, 2010 those FOR the sign variance were Kipp, Unger and Johnstone. Those OPPOSED were Holdom, Sherry, Ruttan  and Pattje.

The Dec. 14 vote defeated the sign variance motion, however, this vote required Bestwick to abstain and due to illness Councilor McNabb also did not vote.

The following is purely speculation and given the record of this council I am loathe to suggest I have any clue how they will vote on any issue.

If Councilors Holdom, Sherry and Pattje remained in opposition, which is consistent with their past record, and Councilors McNabb, Unger, Johnstone and Mayor Ruttan remained in favour, which is consistent with their first vote on the matter and Councilor Kipp also voted in favour (which is a change from his first vote); then the sign variance vote would have had a completely different outcome, even without the questionable abstention of Councilor Bestwick.

Put another way, if Councilor Kipp had voted in favour the first time around, Bestwick's appearance of conflict would have been a non-issue as the first vote would have passed 5-3.


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  1. I've lived in this town for over 50 yrs & not much has changed . Stupid ridiculous things done by City council. At first you blame "the old boys club", but now, I don't know. Same ongoing saga in Nanaimo as from years past . Any town that would move their major shopping district miles from the city core is nuts as far as I am concerned . Seems as though the problem started many years ago!!


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