Monday, December 13, 2010

Nanaimo Hospital Emergency Room Entrance

Map Showing Emergency Entrance at NRGH
Emergency Entrance From Boundary Avenue
Ambulances Only Beyond This Point
Emergency Entrance Walkway
New Emergency Parking Lot

If you have been fortunate enough to not have visited the Emergency department at the Nanaimo Hospital it could be helpful to know, that you do not enter the Emergency Department from the Dufferin St. entrance.

As the map shows, the Emergency department is accessed from the entrance on Boundary Ave. which has been modified since the construction on the hospital expansion began. The entrance is well marked and if you just follow the road past the construction trailers you will come to the emergency entrance walkway.

The road to the left will lead you into the new and expanded parking lot. Don't forget to buy your parking ticket or you will have an unpleasant surprise on your return.

Hopefully you will not have to use these directions but in a real emergency it is always good to know how to get there as fast as possible.


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