Monday, December 13, 2010

Nanaimo Spirit of Christmas Light Up Contest

Residential Entry Deadline Dec. 15

There are lots of Christmas lights up all over Nanaimo and what better way to spend some time this weekend than by loading everyone into the car and going for a ride around your neighbourhood.

If you spot a display you think should be entered in the Spirit of Christmas light up you have until Dec. 15 to submit your entry.

You can download you entry forms by using this Nanaimo Info Link. You can enter by calling Marilyn Sullivan at 250-716-6110.



  1. Where is the useful part of this entry? Where is the list or map so my family can look at these lights? Is there a link I can not find?

  2. The actual houses are not chosen as yet. That is the point of submitting an entry of a house you think should be on the list.
    The judging of the entries does not take place until Dec. 16 after which the list will be published.
    In the meantime if you see a house you think should be on the list, you can submit it by Dec. 15 to be judged.
    Hope this clears it up.


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