Thursday, December 30, 2010

Norovirus Outbreak at NRGH

Visitor Restrictions In Effect at NRGH

A recent outbreak of Norovirus has resulted in visitor restricitons at NRGH, limiting the number of visitors to two per patient during visiting hours. Visitors should not visit the hospital if feeling unwell.  All visitors must follow precautions and maintain strict hand hygiene.

Winter is the peak time of year for Norovirus, a mild but highly infectious vomiting and diarrhea illness that can spread rapidly through families and institutions. Prevention is straight forward: wash your hands properly with soap and water, prepare and handle food with the utmost of care, and if you are ill, stay home and don't prepare food for others until 48 hours after your last symptoms.

Anyone who suspects they may have Norovirus-like symptoms should call their family doctor’s office or the 24-hour BC Health Guide Nurse Line at 8-1-1 for help in determining the nature and urgency of their medical condition   In healthy individuals, this type of virus can be managed at home with fluid replacement and rest. If however, a person becomes severely dehydrated, they should seek emergency care.


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