Wednesday, December 08, 2010

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Municipal Spending Not Sustainable

A report released by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business concludes that municipal operating expenditures in B.C.  are continuing to increase at an unsustainable rate which is 2.01 times faster than the population and inflation growth rate. This continued overspending is financed by increases in property taxes and user fees.

Data released in the report for Nanaimo shows that in the period from 2000 - 2008 municipal spending increased at a rate which is 1.83 times more than that which is sustainable based on population and inflation growth. During that period operating expenditures in Nanaimo increased by 52.4% compared to a sustainable growth of 28.6% which translates into annually spending $15,376,210 more than what the population can sustain.

I would suggest that the fact the city council is not allowing for a tax increase to support what is needed to keep up with infrastructure replacement spending, is proof of that we have already been spending more than the population can sustain.

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