Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Woodgrove Centre Since 1981

Nanaimo's Largest Taxpayer at $3,900,000

An article in today's Daily notes that Woodgrove Centre will have been open in Nanaimo for 30 years this coming year, having opened in Sept. 1981.

The centre has approximately 140 stores and employees 1800 people in the mid-island region. Given it's central location it has enjoyed traffic from as far north as Campbell River and south to Duncan. Out of Nanaimo customers account for about 40% of the business enjoyed by the popular mall.

Comment: While the mall is a vibrant shopping centre which does bring people to Nanaimo from different Island points, it should be noted that 60% of the taxes paid by the mall really comes from money spent by Nanaimo residents. Obviously, taxes are paid from a merchants profits, and profits come from earnings from sales, and earnings from sales come from customers. Of which 60% are local shoppers.


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