Thursday, February 17, 2011

Calling All Nanaimo Creative Writers

Write The 20 Second Ending
To A Doritos Commercial
Win $25,000 & 1% Royalties
Doritos is using a unique way to promote their product and add to their pool of creative writers with their new contest whereby the winner will receive $25,000 and 1% royalty on the sale of the new flavour chip.

The premise: the company is going to launch a new flavoured Dorito chip, two flavours are presented but only one can be chosen. You need to write the 20 second ending to the commerical showing how the loosing flavour is destroyed.

The winning ending will be shot and used in the product launch commercial. You have until March 13 to submit your winning idea, so if you think you have what it takes to write a commercial check out the full details by visiting their website here, and hey, $25,000 for a 20 second ending is a pretty good hourly rate!


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