Saturday, February 26, 2011

Christy Clark Is New Premier

Christy Clark New Premier
Of British Columbia

In another one of those moves that makes me question our democratic system, we now have a new Premier who hasn't been elected to the Legislative Assembly.
She is the second person to hold such distinction, the first being Mr. Vander Zalm, and she also holds the other distinction of only being the second woman to hold the office.
My questions about our system are not referencing her gender, but the fact someone who has not won a seat in the House can hold the highest office in the Province.
Just another one of those things that makes for interesting theatre. We are now to believe that one 'Lone Ranger' not elected by the general electorate is somehow going to single-handedly change the direction of the province? Uh huh! But she does have the most personality of the lot, and does make good 'sounding' promises, now to see if there is any substance behind the sound.


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  1. Jim: How about - “Senior bureaucrats will, as early as Saturday night, begin delivering briefing books to Clark’s transition team.”

    Refer to “Christy Clark will be B.C.’s next premier”, Vancouver Sun, Feb. 26.

    I have trouble comprehending how briefing books and other documentation can be delivered to the transition team of an individual, who is NOT an elected Member of the Legislative Assembly. Doesn’t this demonstrate a bit of a deficit in our “DEMOCRATIC” system?

    It seems to me that holding the ELECTED office of MLA should be a fundamental prerequisite to entering the race for "TOP JOB".
    From where does an UNELECTED individual get the power and authority to make policy decisions, which affect the entire electorate of BC?

    Wonder why I always seem to have SO many questions? LOL


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