Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hammond Bay Cellphone Tower Rejected

The RDN has rejected a proposal from Telus to erect a cellphone tower in the Hammond Bay Road area bowing to pressure brought by concerned parents living in the area. Some parents feel that there is insufficient data available to indicate that a tower that close to the school would not in time cause problems for the children.
Government bodies and Telus seem to think the studies those in opposition are relying on are not reliable and claim the radiation that would come from the tower poses no health risk.
The purpose of the intended tower was to fill in a 'dead spot' in the Hammond Bay Road area, so if you need to call 911 on your cell phone because of an emergency in that area, for the time being you are out of luck.

Will Parents Take Away Their Kids Cellphones?

A recently released study published in the Journal of American Medical Association shows that spending 50 minutes on a cellphone can change brain cell activity in the part of the brain closest to the antenna. Whether that causes any harm is not clear according to scientists at the National Institutes of Health adding the study will not likely settle the concerns of a link between cellphones and brain cancer.
The following apparently shows how cellphone radiation penetrates the brain with varying depths of penetration based on age (and I presume skull density).

There are studies and reports all over the place that suggest sitting in front of computer screens, microwave ovens, television sets etc. may all have negative effects on the human body. However, the technology is simply too new for any meaningful long term data to have been collected.
In the case of the cell tower near a school  erring on the side of caution makes sense, but I wonder how many concerned parents are going to take Little Johnnies cell phone away? Good luck with that.
I suspect these studies which show we should seriously limit cellphone use, will simply be ignored as that is not a decision modern day parents would be willing to make, or for that matter would be able to enforce.


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