Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hansen Delivers Provincial 'Budget'

A Question or Two For The Honorable Gentlemen

In yesterdays budget which may or may not really mean anything, there is a demonstration of why budgets can't be taken to the bank and at best are educated guesstimates. Remember during the last election how we were told how low our deficit was, until after the election of course.

The finance minister delivered a warning of how costly overturning the HST would be to the province, not only the $1.6 billion having to go back to Ottawa (Ottawa doesn't have any money of it's own either) but the cost of reconstructing the provincial sales tax department. Included in the expected recovery scenario is an increase in revenues from the HST. Question: since we were sold, er told the HST was revenue neutral, why would it account for increased taxes flowing to government?

Remember Premier Campbell promising that giant tax cut when giving his 'Hail Mary' pitch before wisely deciding to leave ? Question: where is that much needed tax relief?

Just another example of our leaders confirming the notion that "we are all, just making this up as we go, and really don't have ANY idea what we are doing".


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