Saturday, February 12, 2011

Herring Kill Update

"While the full analysis of the disease work if still not complete, it is looking less likely that there was a disease cause for the herring kill", is the latest report from DFO on the occurrence of many dead herring washing up on a Cedar beach recently.
The focus of the investigation is on the possibility of fish loss from fishing nets accounting for the event.


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  1. " Less likely" not much of a difinitive answer.
    Let us not forget the incident & demand results of the findings.
    Fisheries are important to the economy but alas the herring fishery is mainly a waste of time & effort.
    There are thousands of tons of herring still in cold storage in Japan as their appetite for the product has diminished with the advent of "western foods"
    Much of the remainder goes into fertilizer,SHAME..


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