Sunday, February 13, 2011

Nanaimo Lifestyle " Live and Love it"

Nanaimo Is All About

This is the second in a series of videos / slides showcasing some of the many benefits of dwelling in Nanaimo. The first video shows the sheer magnificence of our wonderful natural scenery, which after we live here for a time, some of us start to not notice or take for granted. We forget the first impact this lovely piece of heaven had on us when first we saw it. 

This second in the series hightlights three things, again which we tend to take for granted after living here for a time, but depending on where people are currently living, are definitely three of Nanaimo's great features. The three benefits in this video are clean water, clean air and moderate climate.

We may take the fact we can drink our tap water as a given, but some city's water is so heavily chlorinated it just about peels the paint in your shower. In some cities you actually 'smell' the water when you turn on the taps. Nanaimo's water is excellent drinking, right out of the tap and it quite amuses me to see people paying more than the price of gasoline because some enterprising company has convinced them that bottled water is better.

Fresh clean air is something we can also easily take for granted, and while some may still complain about Harmac, even on hot summer days you still can't 'see' the air, nor does it make your eyes water, and you certainly don't have to wear a mask to protect yourself.  Our fresh and always refreshing air is just another of our many blessings which newcomers to our city find amazing!

Finally, our delightful, moderate weather where it is neither too cold in winter nor unbearably hot in summer is the final Nanaimo benefit this video focuses upon. Our good friends in other parts of Canada for example are still actually fighting with the cold and snow, while our crocus are now actually pushing throw, and I did hear a lawn mower just the other day and it is still only February!
Our summers with a day time average high of a very comforable 21C or 70F again have the moderating effects of living on the seaside to thank for the comfort we enjoy all year round. While some parts of the country have to use air conditioners, and get fitful nights sleep when dealing with excessive summer heat and humidity, even on our really hot summer days, we can count on the refreshing cooling of the ocean to make sleeping quite enjoyable.

The next in the series will focus on the 'active' aspects of the Nanaimo lifestyle which will shine a light on the infinite number of choices available to residents regardless of how physically intense their choice of lifestyle can be. Whether it is running a marathon, hiking Mount Benson, playing sports, mountain biking, kayaking or simply taking a leisurely stroll along the waterfront; there is no limit to the selections offered by Nanaimo. 

If you want to share this video with some of your less fortunate friends in other parts you can share via email by clicking the 'Share' button which appears at the end of the video.  If you have a website of your own, this video can be embedded on your site, using the code available. (Website geeks, know what I'm talking about)

The slide is also available on another page of this website, in the top right hand side of this web page their is a pane with the heading 'Pages' under which are several other headings. one being Nanaimo Video and Slides. Clicking on that page will bring up the page with all videos on it.


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