Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Nanaimo Weather Unusual

Temperature Plummets To 3C
The fact this weather forecast is even newsworthy at this time of year, let's those less fortunates living eslewhere in Canada know what we would consider 'normal' for the end of February. Normally, we would expect to be inspecting our crocus and some of us might even be getting the mower out for a first tidy up of the lawn.

But alas, the next few days it seems we will have to endure temperatures at or slightly below the freezing mark. And what truly is a 'news' event is the fact we might be in for a few flakes of snow.
As a comparison the following is the forecast for the same time for our good friends in Halifax NS.
While we will be bundling up, our friends on the east coast would likely be dancing a jig outside in their shirt sleeves if they had our weather.


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