Sunday, February 20, 2011

Nominations Closed For Nanaimo By-election

Candidates In The Running

The people who have thrown their hats in the ring for the upcoming Nanaimo By-election are:
  • Filmore,Brian
  • Gartshore, Ian
  • Greves, Ted
  • MacKay, Bill
  • McNab, Murray
  • Olsen, Darcy
It is my understanding that all candidates have up to seven days after the close of nominations to withdraw their names, if they so choose. It will be interesting to see what kind of excitement this by-election gets from the population at large. Traditionally by-elections are pretty much a snooze but this one could be an exception as the winner of this by-election will have the tie breaking vote on council, which is a pretty big hammer when you come to think of it.



  1. I think you may well have something Jim. It appears there is a significant mood for change in the community.


    Bill McKay

  2. The winner of this by-election becomes one of nine members of council, equal with the others. It does not give them the control of a tie breaker. If it did, there would be ten times the number of candidates.

  3. Yes, the new council member will be equal with all others including the Mayor. However, with the current 8 seemingly deadlocked on more than one issue the new member would have the ability to break a tie vote as the ninth member.

  4. If the new member of council votes and the motion passes or fails by one vote and the new member is on the side of the five, you are going to forever blame or thank the new council member? Shheeesh, I would not want to be that person. No wonder whatzhiz name dropped out!!


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