Monday, February 14, 2011

Oceanview Golf Resort & Spa Land For Sale

Advertised as 517.3 acres for $60,000,000.00

The development which had tried to proceed under the name Cable Bay is now on the market, if you have a spare $60 million lying around it could be a good investment.

It is described as:
420 acres within the City of Nanaimo, British Columbia on Vancouver Island. Oceanview Golf Resort & Spa Master Plan approved for 2,677 dwelling units ranging from single family to multi-family/hotel units. Master Plan provides for 18 hole golf course. Official Community Plan (OCP) designation is 'Resort Centre'. 97.3 acres contiguous is located in District of Cedar. Excellent views of Northumberland and Stuart Channels and Vancouver Island mountains.

Comment: You have to wonder if our tax base would look any different if those 2,677 high end residences had been built during the boom days? I doubt if this sort of thing does anything to enhance Nanaimo's claim to being the perfect place to live, work. play and INVEST? You might want to ask the good people at Wal Mart what they think of the red tape they have to cut through before they can proceed with their 22,000 square foot addition. I hope Oceanview doesn't want to put up an LED sign advertising their property.



  1. If anything, Wal-Mart should be banned.

  2. The big box stores I thought were to go into the overpass area west of the exchange to Cedar.
    Funny how once people live in an area, they don't want anyone else there. Heaven forbid things might change. There were rumours of subdivisions near there and not much noise. . . . only about the Cable Bay area. At some point, downtown Nanaimo has to end up near the 'centre' of the city, rather than just continuous highway sprawl going north.....

  3. This development as per the norm is an environmental nightmare.
    mature western red cedar and sensitive and rare Gary oak Eco systems are at risk and dying. The devastation caused by Harmac and ocean view golf resort and spa are completely destroying a local treasure, enjoyed by locals for many years. When will we realize the beauty and value of diversity and living systems far out weigh's the Profits of few oil rich Albertan's.

  4. Rosemary August, 2012
    From the inception of this "Resort/Spa" I thought it a splendid addition to the Island. What happened. If someone has the $$$ I will see that it happens.


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