Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Public's Right To Know

My Cheeky Little Comment
About City Council's 'Transparency'

"The public has a right to know how city council makes it's decisions on how to expend taxpayers dollars. Unless, council doesn't want us to, in that case, the decision is made 'in camera' and then only the Mayor is allowed to explain things. So as to avoid different 'versions' being made public, which might cause confusion." 

Anyone who has followed my political ramblings over time will know, I see all levels of politics as a form of theatre. My suspicions were confirmed at a recent meeting of city council when councilors referred to ' at rehearsal this morning', seems council has to get together the morning of council meetings to 'rehearse' their play they put on in the evening. Is it just me, or have you noticed that very little real debate, goes on at the council meeting level. 

On items such as Berry's golden gift, suing Millennium and recently the Bestwick / BP event, the Mayor is the only one 'he' trusts to deliver the straight goods to the public. Why is that?

Question?? How does the public know if all things discussed 'in camera' actually qualify as needing to be hidden from the public? And, how would we know anyway?



  1. THAT is why we have public civil servants such as Joan Harrison,
    Manager of Legislative Services and Al Kenning, the City Manager in attendance at those meetings. There is also a record kept of those meetings which are most likely available under the FOIA.

  2. Bill, again good points. Do you know if all discussions 'in camera' have to be 'on the record'?

  3. Discussions, no!
    Decisions, yes!

  4. So, if you wanted to know 'why' they decided to not release the legal opinions in the Bestwick / BP event, reading the minutes would tell you nothing anyway.
    Therefore, there is no way to know if you agree with their decision.


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