Friday, February 18, 2011

Remember Carola Lane?

Tried To Take 'Christmas' out of Christmas
Stiffs District for $700,000

Remember many years ago when this controversial superintendent who had strong support from then trustee, Mr. Hennig tried to have the word 'Christmas' removed from schools at Christmas time?
After being dismissed and offered $90,000 by the district, she decided to sue the district for $1.6 million and was unsuccessful. Her efforts did cost the district nearly $700,000 in legal fees which she was ordered to pay, after losing her suit.
Seem's however that Ms Lane had a plan 'b' which involved transfering property to her spouse and declaring bankruptcy and then doing a disappearing act.
Seems, this was not really out of character as she had successfully won $4 million from a former employer in a similar action.
You might be forgiven if you wonder how deeply her CV was looked into before she was hired in the first place.
In any case the District has closed the case and will simply have to eat the $700,000 they (we) spent on this lawsuit.


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  1. Oh, just for the record the taxpayers did not pay $ 700,000 for legal bills. The cost was covered by a premium paid to the provincial government insurance programme and the insurance covered this cost not the local school board or any taxpayers.


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