Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sean Damien Kulai Arrest Warrant

Sean Damien Kulai Wanted
Two Counts of Armed Robbery


KULAI allegedly robbed Thrifty Foods located at Brooks Landing Mall at noon yesterday. In that incident , KULAI was seen picking up a cartoon of cigarettes then proceeded to the exit without any attempt to pay for the item.Oncwe at the door an employee challenged him. KULAI then turned and told the employee he had a weapon and threatened her with bodily harm if she tried to stop him. He left the store and was seen leaving the area on a black mountain bike.

The next robbery occurred at 8 PM at Best Buy located in the North Town Center Mall. This time KULAI picked up an Ipad template, diasabled the alarm then concealed it in his jacket. He  started to the exit and once again ,he was challenged by an employee who told him to return the item. KULAI then pulled a screwdriver out of his jacket ,threatened the clerk then left on his mountain bike.

KULAI is 30 years of age and is  5 ft 9. He is very slim,has brown eyes and very short brown hair.He is highly unpredictable and should not be approached. Call 911 or Crime Stoppers if you see Sean Damien KULAI.


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  1. He currently lives in Burnaby BC where there has been an increase in B&Es recently.Jun 2012.


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