Monday, February 14, 2011

Ships At Anchor Off Nanaimo Harbour

The photo above shows the 'parking lot' outside Nanaimo harbour in the general area of east of Newcastle Island and Protection Island. The day I took this picture three large ships were visible, but today the lot is twice as full with a total of six ships at anchor waiting to head to Vancouver.

Visiting off Nanaimo this morning are:

LAKE DAHLIA a 225m / 32m cargo ship
AEOLIAN VISION a 229m / 32m cargo ship
MARINA R a 190m / 28m cargo ship
TRITONLIA a 177m / 28m cargo ship
PEACE FORTUNE a 178m / 28m cargo ship
KING CORN a 169m / 27m cargo ship

All vessels are bound for Vancouver, but it is hoped some will be at anchor long enough to tender ashore to sample some of Nanaimo's world famous hospitality.

While these vessels are at anchor they are inspected by the local Port Authority to ensure they do nothing to contaminate local waters.

Perhaps the past could hold the key to Nanaimo's future economic development if all these ships were actually lined up to export coal and lumber and pulp and fish to be delivered to far away parts of the new global economy. Or has that ship already sailed?


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  1. Those using the parking spots pay a fee to the Port Of Nanaimo.


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