Friday, February 11, 2011

'Temporary' Bus Exchange Looks For Home

Five Years In Temporary Location

An article in the Bulletin draws attention to the fact that the bus exchange on Prideaux Street will not likely be moving anytime soon. A suitable location currently is simply not available, although the suggestion it be moved to the new Cruise Ship Terminal was an idea floated by the Port Authority last year. I doubt if that would save much 'walking time' from the current location though.

If memory serves for a long time the bus exchange was behind Port Place Mall (Harbour Park Mall) for many years, which was a convenient downtown location. A benefit lacking at it's current location on Prideaux Street across from the RCMP station. Although you would be hard pressed to find a location where security were any higher.

Maybe they should consider leaving the exchange where it is, and some clever business type might come up with a shuttle service from the downtown core to the exchange. Maybe some horse drawn wagons or something. It would certainly add another attraction in the downtown revitalization program.

Comment: You will be forgiven if this sounds cynical but why not put the exchange on the unoccupied piece of land behind the convention centre at the foot of Piper's Park.


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  1. The hotel land between Piper's Park and the conference centre was the location for the bus exchange for many years prior to it being at the area between the LCB and the Gabriola Ferry. Before that it was at the place where the Port Theatre is now and bofore that it was teh area now known as Cameron Island when the bus depot was there.


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